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Magnetic Mailbox Covers

Magnetic mailbox covers are generally made by leading artists and are rendered by screen printing on both sides. The colors are bright and brilliant and durable, and fade resistant. Made of polypropylene, magnetic mailbox covers are built to withstand extreme weather, from the broiling summers of Arizona to the frigid zones of the great White North.

Magnetic Mailbox covers are precut for a standard 6.5” x 19" mailbox. Cuts have also been made to fit around the latch, flag and hinges. The design is the same on both sides of the cover so it will look the same from either side.

Magnetic mailbox covers come in a wide array of designs. For collectors, there are wraps for every occasion. For instance you can get mailbox covers for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, even new years day, Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day. There are also seasonal assortments, as many mailbox cover enthusiasts love to change their covers seasonally.

Show your support for your alma mater with collegiate mail Wraps, or customize your mailbox with a family monogram or have your address displayed. Sports fans rejoice as you will find a huge selection of sports team mailbox covers as well.

Magnetic mailbox covers also make great gifts. Instead of getting that same old calendar every year, use the same theme and get a cat or dog mailbox wrap, or perhaps an inspirational quote and design. There really is no limit to the creativity of mailbox covers, and new ones are always coming out.

Even if you have a larger than normal mailbox, perhaps you have an 8” x 21" large mailbox. You will still be able to find a selection of mailbox covers. Or perhaps you have a plastic or vinyl mailbox. Well that's no problem at all as you can get an adapter that will enable you to make use of these beautiful covers.

Here are some mailbox cover gift ideas - for the golfer, you can find a vintage golf cover, a 19th hole deluxe cover, or one with a ball on the tee waiting to be hit. There are many nautical theme mailbox covers as well. If your giftee is a sailing fan, some beautiful sailboat styles are available. How about a cozy espresso design or a simple country welcome or bless this home, or even home sweet home.

For the bird lover, you can find designs with many types of birds, including bald eagles, crimson cardinals, Mallard ducks, bluebirds, and many State birds. There are many water bird choices as well, including sea gulls, pelicans, and other sea birds.

Farm themes are also popular mailbox covers, which covers horses, cows, roosters and more. And for your dog lovers, you will find many dog breeds covered, including terriers, dachshunds, Irish setters, labradors, Yorkies, and much much more.

As you can see, no matter what your hobby or passion is, there is a magnetic mailbox cover for you. Most people who get them will go for more than one and change them out periodically throughout the year. They are lots of fun and will keep your neighbors and mail carrier entertained!

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